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Understanding The Effects Of Racism, Sexism And Ableism In The Medical And Academic Workforce

Project Leads: Professor Chloe Orkin, Dr Vanessa Apea, Dr Sara Paparini, Dr Rageshri Dhairyawan


Gender, ethnicity and ability attainment gaps exist in career progression in medical and academic workforces. Transgender and non-binary people and  LGBT staff members often feel more marginalised, less engaged  and experience more bullying than other staff (in staff surveys). These affect the likelihood of achieving promotion, leadership positions, salary rises and successful funding applications.

Understanding perceptions and perspectives of people from minoritised groups.  Working in partnerships with leadership organisations such as the Medical Women’s Federation, we seek to understand their perspectives of people from minoritised groups to tailor interventions to reduce inequities.

We are greater than, and greater for, the sum of us.”

Heather McGhee (Writer, ‘The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together’)


SHARE will collaborate with stakeholders within medical leadership, Advance HE and UKRI to deliver social science research. To achieve this, we are:
  • Exploring experiences of disabled staff in UK universities
  • Exploring perceptions of staff when using pronoun badges
  • Describing whether and how Universities report on proportions of disabled staff members within their EDI reports in UK universities


Get in touch

If you’d like more information about research theme three, please contact the project leads:

Prof Chloe Orkin
Email c.m.orkin@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Vanessa Apea
Email v.apea@nhs.net

Dr Sara Paparini
Email s.paparini@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Rageshri Dhairyawan
Email rageshri.dhairyawan@nhs.net