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Inclusive Implementation Of Long-Acting HIV Treatment And Prevention

Project Leads: Professor Chloe Orkin, Dr Sara Paparini


With early antiretroviral therapy (ART), people with HIV can achieve a normal life expectancy and do not pass the virus on to others. Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) can stop people from getting the virus. Taking daily treatment or PrEP requires daily good decision-making, which some find hard to manage. This can have serious clinical outcomes.

New longer-acting injectable treatments and PrEP have been developed and many more are in development. These innovations can free people from the burden of taking tablets. However,  SHARE researchers have shown that they are not being equitably offered to women, racially minoritised people and older adults in studies or in clinics. This needs to change and it can be changed by intentional study design.  The SHARE-led ILANA study is cited as an example of an inclusive study design in the World Health Organisation toolkit on improving inclusion into clinical trials.

Barts Health NHS Trust delivers care to around 6,000 people living
with HIV


To help bridge these inequities SHARE is improving access to clinical research for the full diversity of people living with, and affected by, HIV in the UK. Our activities for this research theme include:

  • Conducting clinical trials of long-acting treatments and PrEP
  • Delivering implementation science studies on barriers and facilitators to using long-acting compounds
  • Delivering trials on long-term remission and potential cures.
  • Facilitating inclusion of under-represented groups, such as pregnant and breast-feeding women, in clinical trials.


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If you’d like more information about research theme one, please contact the project leads:

Professor Chloe Orkin
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Dr Sara Paparini
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