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Understanding The Clinical, Social And Basic Science Of Mpox

Project Leads: Professor Chloe Orkin, Dr Sara Paparini, Ms Maryam Khan


Mpox became a pandemic in 2022, after having been a neglected disease for 50 years. Novel clinical and epidemiological features were identified and published by SHARE researchers in 2022 and 2023.

The community response was critical to limiting the spread of mpox within sexual networks. Working in partnerships with community organisations to understand their perspectives was vital to tailor interventions to what the community wanted and needed.

Laboratory features of mpox have differed in the recent outbreak. There are many unknowns around re-infection and the levels of immunity in people with natural immunity and in response to the small pox vaccine that was deployed during the 2022/23 pandemic.

‘Because viruses know no borders, the world needs to move cohesively and quickly to close knowledge gaps and to contain the outbreak’

SHARE-NET author group, NEJM 2022



SHARE will collaborate with scientists at the World Health Organisation and in Porten Down to deliver social science research and basic science research. To achieve this, we are:

  • Exploring community perceptions of mpox treatment
  • Establishing laboratory capacity and developing a tissue bank to study the neglected disease HIV-2
  • Investigating virological and immunological factors related to reinfection and post vaccine immunity to mpox


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If you’d like more information about research theme four, please contact the project leads:

Professor Chloe Orkin
Email c.m.orkin@qmul.ac.uk

Dr Sara Paparini
Email s.paparini@qmul.ac.uk

Ms Maryam Khan
Email maryam.khan@qmul.ac.uk