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National AIDS Trust Webinar: HIV and Migration


National AIDS Trust Webinar: HIV and Migration

On Tuesday 22 June 2021, National AIDS Trust hosted this online conversation exploring HIV and migration and the barriers faced by people born abroad living with HIV in the UK, chaired by Deborah Gold (Chief Executive at National AIDS Trust). Dr Rageshri Dhairyawan served as an advisor for this project and panellist at the virtual event. 

Panellists are:

  • Deborah Gold, Chief Executive, National AIDS Trust (Chair)
  • Florence Eshalomi MP, Vice-Chair APPG on HIV and AIDS
  • Dr Rageshri Dhairyawan, Consultant Physician in Sexual Health and HIV
  • Denis Onyango, Programmes Director, Africa Advocacy Foundation
  • Laurie Hartley, Asylum Support Worker, Rainbow Migration
  • Jose Carlos Mejia Asserias, Peer Expert
  • Tamara Manuel, Policy and Campaigns Officer, National AIDS Trust

62% of all new HIV diagnoses in the UK in 2019 were among people born abroad. Half of these acquired HIV since moving to the UK. Despite this, there is currently no shared understanding of the policies and interventions needed to support people born abroad from acquiring HIV in the UK, and overcome barriers to testing and treatment for those living with HIV.

To end new transmissions of HIV by 2030, an accepted national commitment, we must make progress for all population groups, including those board abroad. National AIDS Trust wanted to understand the barriers they face when accessing HIV testing, treatment and care.

This event launched our latest report – HIV and migration, and shares our research findings and the recommendations we have made to improve the health outcomes and quality of life of those born abroad and living with, or at higher risk of, HIV.

The full report can be found here: www.nat.org.uk/publication/hiv-and-migration